Non-western artwork from a Senegal artist

Max Macodou DIOP’s, Femmes Senegalaise traditionelle dans la cuisine (Traditional Senegalese women in the kitchen) – 50 by 100 cm, acrylic on canvas, c. 1997

Max Macodou DIOP’s work represents his daily life in Senegal, a country south of the Sénégal River in western Africa.  His paintings of country life, religion, a tea ceremony, and musicians give an impression of traditional culture that he believes is slowing getting lost…

Max’s family lived in St. Louis, Mo., but after Senegal gained independence in 1960, his family moved to Dakar.  Senegal, a socially repressed African Muslim state, was formerly under rule of the French as a result of colonization.

DIOP received an education at the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar.  From 1985-86, he studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieur des Beaux Arts in Paris. Currently, Max lives in Amsterdam with his passion for African art, sidestepping other artistic influences, with a style characterized by colorful, puzzle-like paintings.

What I like about this, and any of his works for that matter, is –first off—there is a strong use of the color orange, my favorite!  Aside from that, Femmes Senegalaise traditionelle dans la cuisine (along with the rest of his work) resembles a non-Western–African artwork to me, or at least what I would expect.  I like the bright arrangement of shapes and colors that look almost like a ceramic mosaic.  It also causes pause to study it more and try to figure out what is going on in the painting, BEFORE I used Google Translate to tell me what the title really said—I was unsuccessful in detecting what it depicted on my own.  I found it hard to decide on which work to post and comment on, but settled on this one for the initial reason I stated.


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One Response to Non-western artwork from a Senegal artist

  1. tchairat says:

    Nicely done. This is the first time I experience African art work and you definitely did a good job of it. I like the information about the artist and also about the Senegal. I also like how you give your opinion and about how your used google translate to help you understand the title of this paint. I think African painting has it own style of painting, I can’t say that for sure because I don’t have much experience about African art itself. But just from seeing this in your blog I don’t see anything similar to African art yet.

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